Magnetic Phone Charger


Easy Adaptability

Our Magnetic Phone Charger is a sleek charge and sync cable that's a standard USB on one end, and an open magnet on the other. It comes with three magnetic tips that can turn the open end into a USB-C, Lightning or Micro-USB cable.


Cross-Device Compatibility

With the reversible magnetic cable and tips that connect - instantly - every single time, you can now use ONE cord with interchangeable connectors for both Apple, Samsung, Android or low powered USB-C devices +more!

Connect in the dark 

The LED lets you know there is power in your charger. This is ‎especially useful at times when you are trying to charge your device in the dark.

Lifetime Warranty

Volta Original cable includes a lifetime warranty, which isn’t something that a lot of other cables on the market offer. All Volta customers get a lifetime warranty. No arbitrary time limit, no questions asked.


Tip + Device Compatibility Chart